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Improve noise insulation with acoustic glass

Acoustic glass on a casement window

Acoustic Glass – Cut Noise Pollution by 50%

Noise pollution from traffic, aeroplanes or neighbours can be stressful and distracting for many homeowners, but thankfully there are solutions to reduce noise levels in your home.

Acoustic glazing can reduce the level of noise in a room by up to 10 decibels (dB). This may not sound much, but a 10dB reduction in sound means the level of noise is reduced by a massive 50%. Have a look at the table below for examples of the difference in decibel levels of various sound sources.

Acoustic glass is able to reduce noise pollution so well because it includes a soft plastic ‘interlayer’ which absorbs sound waves and therefore reduces the amount of sound that can pass through it. It is also slightly thicker and stronger than regular glass, so is harder to break.

Acoustic glass can be used in single glazing or in our slim double glazed units, on the outer pane. Sound is reduced when it has to travel through different layers of material with different densities, so the combination of a thicker outer pane of acoustic glass, and a thinner inner pane of regular glass, will help to improve sound insulation further.

In our slim double glazed units we also use soft perimeter spacer bars – which is the bar that sits between the two panes of glass to hold them apart – because they insulate more sound (and heat) than the traditional aluminium ones.

If you are considering new windows, make sure you also fit effective draught-proofing around the perimeter of the windows – brush seals or if possible compression seals which are more effective against noise pollution.

For glazing for listed and conservation properties, noise insulation can be combined with the authentic heritage look. At Timbalite we can supply slim double glazed units that combine an outer pane of restoration glass, which has the authentic uneven surface of period glass, with an inner pane of low ‘E’ laminated glass, to improve the acoustic performance of the windows.

There are many more options and variations we can combine in our slimline double glazed units. For more information on our full range, please get in touch for advice, samples or a quote.

Sound sources examples with distanceSound Pressure Level
Jet aircraft, 50m away140
Threshold of pain130
Threshold of discomfort120
Chainsaw, 1m distance110
Disco, 1m from speaker100
Diesel truck, 10m away90
Kerbside of busy road, 5m80
Vacuum cleaner, distance 1m70
Conversational speech, 1m60
Average home50
Quiet library40
Quiet bedroom at night30
Background in TV studio20
Rustling leaves in the distance10
Threshold of hearing0

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